Why Privacy by Design

Building products without thinking of the right to privacy is one of the worst mistakes a company can make. High fines, losing the trust of users and reputation damage will be consequences for companies that violate privacy laws.

Most of the time this happens without companies realizing they are breaking the privacy laws. Don't be one of them!

Charif Mews would love to help your company by conducting Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), developing software and performing data analysis.

State of the Art

➤ Software Development

➤ JavaScript / TypeScript

➤ Rust

➤ Elixir

➤ Python

➤ Machine Learning

➤ Privacy Impact Assessment

➤ Black-box testing

➤ Grey-box testing

➤ Privacy Training

Charif Mews

Charif Mews

➤ Full Stack Developer

➤ Privacy Consultant

➤ Data Scientist

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